Some clarifications on the Epic deal


I heard that Steam hired Russian bots to badmouth Epic store on the internet!


But what if the bots are true? :wink: Btw. I used some Epic lancher some years ago. It wasn’t great experience frankly (it was pain in the aaaaaa). But still I’m really amused about whole backslash. :slight_smile: But well, not me to judge it.


100% of Chinese companies have all of their data handed over to the Chinese government.


But as a minority stakeholder just how much access do they have? If they were at 51% I would be more concerned, but at even 40% the Chinese bit isn’t what bothers me.


Assumption? And even if that is true… Then well Chinese government would knew that you frag crabmen and sirens under nick of your choice and that you have achievements in doing so. Probably they could also knew weapon of your choice - if you like more gauss or laser or maybe acid. That could be valuable database to estimate western believes in future warfare and upcoming weapons. :wink:


we still get our steam keys in the end, great news!


…a YEAR after release. That’s a crap consolation prize that I personally won’t support.


DRM-free with no epic client required, extra steam/gog keys, etc etc… You are promising all these things to your backers, aren’t you Mr. Gollop? But haven’t you broke your promises before on several occasions? Why, yes Mr Gollop, you did indeed. So why do you expect your backers to trust you on this?

Oh, and this. This right there.


It’s cute that people still think online privacy is a thing. The hubris of the chinese government finding out your stash of granny porn is a little unsettling to say the least though.


Hey, I have foot fetish porn, not granny porn. Don’t assume my libido in 2019!


After “Epic and CHINESE ORGAN HARVESTING!!” and “Phoenix Point is a PONZI SCHEME!!”, I really shouldn’t be surprised by someone pulling a subprime crisis card…


Where do you stand on old lady feet? :wink:


One of my concerns with Epic is that the games I want such as Metro Exodus and Phoenix Point aren’t available in my region on Epic. I backed Phoenix Point from the beginning, but I’m wondering if I will even be able to play it until it comes out on Steam. Epic simply isn’t a global platform.


You’ll probably be fine on Steam, depending on where you are. Dunno if it’s worth waiting an entire year for you with your money tied up and no recourse outside torrenting a game you bought legally.


I had no idea the Epic launcher was so reviled. Reading the messages here, you’d think the game was being released on Uplay (shudder). Apparently I missed the anti-Tencent rants on reddit.

Games are expensive to make. If this is what it takes to make a solid game, then I’d rather they do this than release another Underworld Ascendant (which I also backed). I have to wait a year before I install that because it won’t be playable before then.

Competition in the game-distribution-platform space is generally a good thing. Maybe it’ll pressure Steam into doing a better job of labeling the junkware games. If somebody has issues with the current Epic T&C language and ownership situation, I understand; but right now Epic is hungry and throwing a lot of money around, so I can’t fault the SG devs for grabbing some to ensure they’ll have the time and resources to do the game properly.


I’ve submitted my request for a refund on my preorder.
Best of luck in the future, Julian and Snapshot. Truly!

No malice, no name-calling or anything like it. However, I will never be a customer of yours in the future because of this. Shame. I love the OG X-COM games and the latest games in the franchise. I was really excited about Phoenix Point and now I am not.



The hope is that Epic is buying revelance, while working hard on improving the platform behind the scenes. The biggest disappointment is, that right now, Epic doesn’t pressure Steam to be a better platform (at least from customers prospective - dev’s point of view might be much different). Even before GOG became my go-to platform, they always offered things, which steam didn’t - no-DRM, refunds, fair pricing etc. The only thing steam has to do to counter Epic right now, is to buy exclusives like they do - and whoever wins this battle, consumers loose. And while it’s perfectly understandable Epic promotes their store with 1st party games, paying off other publishers and devs is quite annoying.

From what I gather, the Epic deal ensures future support of the product - which I understand, and might be a smart decision on Snapshot’s part. I have no delusions that on launch Phoenix Point will require work. As it is, they will have a year to improve the game before it ships to steam and gog, and it seems it is up to Epic to gain sales in this initial year.


To me the problem with that line of thinking is this. They have already burned bridges with this stunt, if they then deliver a game that “needs work” the reviews are likely to straight up roast them. This will in turn torch the majority of remaining bridges who were holding out for the Steam/GoG release.

They straight up can’t afford a “needs work” launch anymore. Not that it can’t need minor patches, but at this point it needs to have as flawless of a launch as possible for the longevity of the franchise.


Snapshot obviously thinks of their backers as an expendable, interest free loan. This was a scummy move and regardless of their financial gains, the stain on Julian and Co’s reputation is there to stay. They showed their true colors with this decision, they do not care about you as a customer.


TenCent is a scary company… full stop. Companies like EA, Ubisoft, and a lot of other big companies are scum when it comes to wringing every last dollar out of their consumers, but TenCent has actual blood on their hands.

I mean when you are getting your financial backing from a company that helped design surveillance systems for Tibet and Xinjiang it’s a bit like saying that you are OK with the German Rail System in 1941 because at least the trains run on time.