Several new campaigns, but left in the middle

Hi !

First of all, I’d like to say that I really like PP, and was fortunate enough to play the different versions.

After a couple of “uncomplete” campaigns I wanted to understand what was the tipping point (no pun intended) for leaving ; and probably talk about that with you guys if you experience the same thing :slight_smile:

/ +1 plane completely changes the game’s dynamic /
I really like the part where you only have one plane, and almost every scan and next destination is a difficult decision. But the moment I got another plane… it suddenly becomes more “complex” / “tedious” to manage (especially when they move at the same time) and exploration / missions chains very quickly. It’s not bad, but I was used to the “rogue” aspect of progressing with only one plane, and it completely shifts after that.

/ the game is probably too long for me - or at least some missions /
I think it’s a good thing that some missions last a little longer (especially at the beginning) ; but some missions actually last about 30 to 45 minutes where I would them to last about 15-20 mins tops ; so every time I start a new game, I have to convince myself that I will have enough time to long missions and it’s not. So, maybe find a way to have shorter missions ? I’d love a “non-marathon” mode where you can play the campaign in like 12-24 h :slight_smile:

/ some rules or balance choices are bad surprises (and spoils the game) /
I think this one is more about communicating things clearly ; for example, I do remember restarting a game after I was “locked” in the story because I didn’t dealt with the factions… so I would need to shift my strategy. Recently I considered restarting because one of my base was attacked and I didn’t get the chance to send an airplane “maybe” because there were 2 soldiers already [ saved the base, but I was confused ] and after that I also wanted to shift my strategy.
It’s not about the game being hard ; but more about the rules being obfuscated or confusing. The only context I enjoy that is with rogue-like.

So. I’ve tried to campaigns since Danforth update ; and am waiting to Cthulhu update to start at least a new one.

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Beginning is fun, but I really like later part where you have multiple planes. Part with one plane I treat more like tutorial, and I would gladly welcome more UI solutions helping with management of airplanes, bases and soldiers.

What? It is not an FPS where you run through few missions and kill final boss in one day. Strategy games require time, for me missions tend to last too fast and I would like them be more significant.

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Thanks @Yokes for the input.

Indeed a better UI and some options would be welcomed to manage several airplanes.

About game / mission length, apparently, we perceive it completely differently :slight_smile: but it makes sense : if you prefer long strategy games, then missions might be a little short (whereas for me, they may seem a little too long). Or is it just an issue with available time to play?

Long or boring?

Hmm. I don’t think the game is boring (otherwise I wouldn’t restart campaigns). It can be repetitive at times, indeed (especially at the beginning when you somewhat have to play the same early missions).

I think it boils down to the complexity that comes from “expanding” your reach all other the world in PP. It’s a little bit like in a 4X where there is (for me) a soft limit to the number of cities I like to manage (I prefer to play on small crowded maps).


Same here. The amount of civ campaigns I restarted is unfathomable.

First few plays I did with only one (main) ship - the other just for scouting.

I restart campaigns quite spontaniously at times because of some stupid idea that I want to immediately try out. :wink:

And that too! :smiley: