Set your default posting location to 'Game Feedback'

Sorry, I keep forgetting to change my post categories when making new threads so everything is appearing in general discussion and then @UnstableVoltage has to manually move them.

This must be driving you crazy - Is it just me? Can you set the default topic as ‘Game Feedback’ there’s far more posts appearing there than in General Discussion.

To be honest, it does seem to be mostly you (though that’s probably because you create more new topics that most).

I’m not sure if the default can be changed - but I’ll look into it.That said, not all posts are game feedback. Some are bug reports and other things. So it wouldn’t really solve the problem, just move it from one place to another.

Certainly, it might give you a little less to do though. :wink:

With how the thread feed works on the right hand side of the forum, I never really think of this forum as having separate boards when I use it.