Run Lairs like 'Moonbase Assualt'

I was reading the Snapshot proposed change to Lairs and Citadels

And one thing I wondered (I posted it in fact) was how would it work for these types of missions if your mission object varied - So instead of always going in after one biggest nasty, but instead trying to make the Lair or Citadel non effective via some other means.

I suggested:

How about a system like that used in Laser Squad ‘Moonbase Assault’? - Instead of your aim being to go in and take down one specific target, for some lairs you’ll be trying to damage sufficient smaller elements of the base’s infrastructure so as to make that base no longer effective.

But could there be other possibilities as well?

What if in situations where you couldn’t get to that big nasty, you could instead blow up the entrance in order to reduce that Lair or Citadel’s influence for a while?

What if given ‘a hell of a lot’ of resources you nuke it from the world map, or with sufficient influence ask another faction to go in to do the job?


This is a very good idea, because end game is excruciatingly boring if you have the upper hand strategically. Let me use those pile of resources and those 100% ratings with factions for something.

The best thing about this idea is that it nullifies the biggest problem that Lairs & Citadels have at the moment: ‘Kill the Maguffin’ only works if you can’t exploit OP Skills to such an extent that you can achieve that goal in 1 or 2 turns.

It could be interesting in some cases, but I suppose that Sentinels, Spawners and Scyllas are heart of each lair so those alternative objectives should only make lair inoperative for some time (like few days).

Sounds interesting but instead of making it “I have resources so there goes nuke, end of problem” thing. I would introduce it only at the late of the game and only when you ally with New Jericho (supposedly they have such tech). Making such attack should be not easy achievable (long production of each warhead?). And what more - each such use will decrease your standing with Disciples and by a small bit with Synedrion (reasons can be undestandable).

That is nice idea. There would need to be prerequisite - they would need to have some free aircraft in the area. I would even split it in two categories:

  • ask them to go there alone - it is randomised battle with some predicted outcome (depends on faction strength in area). But if they fail you significantly lose reputation with them (like -15?).
  • ask them to join your attack on the alien base - after some time they would send aircraft with like 4 or 5 soldiers to asist you there. In case of failure reputation loss is quite small (like -3?) and in case of victory but with death of each faction soldier decreases your reputation gain by 1 after clearing such base.