Reloading partial clips in fight

What happens to half used clips if you accidentally reload in a battle? I’ve hit the R key by mistake once or twice when trying to rotate the view and can’t see what happens to the removed clip afterwards.

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you can’t see because they vanish - another thing not implemented

You mean they vanish as in are wasted and are never recovered? Damn. That sucks. Thanks for clarification though. I’ll look at re-binding the key if possible.

I was so relieved when they finally gave us key-binding. I was doing the same thing (hitting R instead of E to rotate map). I lost almost full magazines due to that. I’ve opted to rebind Reload to L for Load.

Now if I can only stop hitting the Space Bar when I am in Fire mode, thinking that I am selecting Stand-By. :man_facepalming:

That’s a good idea I might go with L as well.
I mean in general the ammo system is better than losing a clip with just 1 round missing at the end of every mission (unless you unload it into inventory). Ah, the good old days…