Recording and or Streaming

Hey, I’m a small youtuber/twitch streamer and just wanted to make sure of this but, am I permitted to record, stream, and discuss this game? I already am a backer and will be playing for myself anyway but I thought I’d like maybe show the game a bit. I know its a early build and may not show off any final product but I always make sure its cool before I do this as I’m rather unknown and can’t really afford to have developers mad at me :smiley:

anyway, cant wait to dive into this.
thanks for a reply in advance if possible…and uh…thanks even if there is not one

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You are allowed to steam and make videos. We just ask that you make it clear that you’re playing an “in-development” build.


awesome! I’ll be streaming it on Sunday and talking about it :smiley: huge fan of the original X-Com so my hopes are super high for this