Really liking it


I’ve played the game for a while now and it’s pretty darn good. No realms, but I don’t miss them at all. I wish they made a different deal with Snapshot so we had cross-platform multiplayer, as that would really have benefited the player numbers and sales of both games.

Bugs I’ve found (I’ve emailed the mobile devs and gotten a response, but no new version yet):

  • No way to see how many cards remain of each type remain.
  • Some maps, specifically those that occur in the final wizard king’s castle in the realms but pop up randomly in duels, have too much graphical detail and slow the game to a crawl.
  • The interface sometimes gets stuck after getting many inputs in a row (e.g. scrolling between talismans). Touching a button will produce an audible click, but have no effect.
  • You currently cannot cast a multi-entity spell with only some of the entities (e.g. 2 out of 3) while putting in a mana boost. The interface for the spell will disappear and not let you boost in this condition.