Razor-wire and monomolecular edges (suggested by Mercy)

Mercy wrote a long, good post about this, and I would like to see these kinds of weapons in the game, and so I’m creating this topic for feedback.

One thought I had was that there could perhaps be grenades, mortars, and maybe land-mines (evil, but practical against big nasty aliens), loaded with these things?

Another is that perhaps they could be strung between buildings and doorways, point-to-point, allowing you to take out a few Zerging aliens, before they realize what’s going on.

Lastly, I’d love to see turrets that use these. Sneaky “stealth” turrets, that deploy retractable and spoolable monofilament whips, like fishing line, in very predictable, programmed ways that would still be impossible for a human being to replicate? YES PLEASE!

Monofilament wires seem like a Synedrion kinda weapon :o :smiley:

Interesting… I never thought about weaponized monofilament as a projectile. A weapon similar to Dead Space’s plasma cutter with monofilament stretched perpendicularly to the target instead of a plasma “bolt”. With PP’s free aim this can be a lot of fun.

It would be really nice. It would add another strategy options, and could be really useful in enclosed areas (buildings)
One problem I see would be mines, if no throwable, could hurt your soldiers.
The "wire: trap would be great, and there are plenty of ways to upgrade it.
Turret is great idea too, could be upgrade of turret we have now

It’s been used in the Warhammer 40k Universe by various units. Warp spiders are one of the most famous, and use a Death spinner that projects a cloud of monofilament thread for those who enjoy slicing and dicing.

The old Shadowrun universe also featured a monofilament whip that could be hidden in a finger compartment.

Messy stuff in general :slight_smile:

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And the not-so-old HBS PC Game Hong-Kong version had them as a not-so-hidden cyberweapon :smiley:

Or the Ares Mono-Sword, a sword with superfine monofilament wire attached to the blade edges. Extremely sharp and unlikely to blunt.

That reminds me of Dishonored and spring razor trap kills.
So brutal, but so much fun.

I see soldiers chopped here and there by accident.