Quick Polaris tutorial feedback

  1. When the aiming is first explained (1. mission) it’s mentioned that every bullet goes in the big circle. Logical subsequent question is “what about the smaller circle?” but that one is explained only in the first scavenging tutorial way later.
  2. VA in base reclamation mission says “killS confirmed” but the text says “kill confimed”
  3. Orange border/area of reachable tiles is sometimes not displayed, it happened specifically around the ladder leading to hangar section of the base. (base reclamation mission)
  4. Soldiers appear on the cliff/landing pad/cargo area/whatever that is, instead of access lift. Did they climb the mountain in full gear or what?

Not a bug (and also I may be wrong), but…
pretty sure the Sophia Brown VA (and the 2-3 guy sentences in the beginning) is not really a VA, right? It’s not exactly bad but… imagine going into a restaurant and asking why your meal is kinda off.
Waiter: “Ooh, yeah. Sorry, we are too cheap to actually hire a proper chef. But we wanted your money anyway so we just grabbed a random schmuck passing by and had him make you a meal. Not bad, huh?”
You give them 1 star and never ever return.

Also there is still a lot of useless-gray-slabs-of-ms-paint-space still going on in the UI. It got better though. I intend to do full playthrough and update my old feedback thread + post canny issues after DLC3.