Production Capacity Calculation

Shouldnt production capacity increase with population size?

Having more pop means more working hands and larger chance for the haven to grow and build districts which is expected from a high-pop haven. These should be the ones building up, having the largest military power and engaging in wars/better defending themselves right?

As far as I can tell the production capacity currently does not take pop into account as I see havens that are over 12k pop but have only 4 districts well into the game while other havens with 5-7k pop boost 6 districts

So it seems that pop is only there to buy some time with starvation (which I assume is faster anyway if more pop is in the haven withouth food production sitricts) but if it feeds directly into the prod capacity it becomes an indicator for the player which havens are likely to grow and get stronger over time (which is important for when war breaks out or when calculating which havens might have the stuff to attack lairs)