Problems with starting "Online Multiplayer"


For about 4 days now, I have not been able to start the “Online Multiplayer” part of the game. I have submitted info to the app developer, but wanted to see if anyone else have (or have had) the same issues.

I have only played the game for about 5 days before the issue started. Online games worked fine up until then, including my full list of asynchronous games.

What happens when I click on “Online Multiplayer” is that the pop-up from Google Play shows, telling me I am successfully logged into Google Play and then after that nothing happens. Sometimes, after just 5-10 seconds I get a message in red at the bottom of the screen telling me the login attempt timed out. Other times, a bit more rare, I get a message that says “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

Is the server down?
Anyone else experiencing this?

What would happen if I re-install the app? (In case something broke on my end and is causing the problem) Is my single-player progression saved or will it be lost?