PM prerequisites?


reluctantly I let go of the Wizard Tower to drift over to the discourse… ehm, anyway:
how long until I can PM my old friends?
PS: I really, really dislike discourse because without JavaScript you get - nothing, literally. But ok, your forum, your rules, I guess… :S I just really would like to not lose the ability for (also more private) discourse (pun wholeheartedly intended) with acquaintances like @SpiteAndMalice outside the game client :no_mouth:


Heya Dumfsirg :slight_smile: How’s it going? I think you can private message on here, I’ll give it a test.

EDIT - Yeah, just click on someone’s user name and you can send a direct message.


Hello :slight_smile:
and thanks for your PM; apparently I can reply to a PM but not initiate one (yet).
Probably to prevent spam. I’ll update once I figure out when it changes for me :slight_smile:


You should be able to PM now.


Yes, I see the Message button now, thanks :slight_smile: