Phoenix Point background image


You may have noticed that I’ve added a background image to the Phoenix Point subforum. I’ve been experimenting with the opacity to make it dark enough so that text is still readably. There seems to be a few resolution issues on mobile (at least via the Discourse app).



It’s a really nice image, but it takes away from the readability of the forum. Could you set it somehow so that it only appears around the border area of the forum, and not behind the discussion text?


For my eyes, the text can be quite difficult to read at times. It needs to be much darker. Or @SpiteAndMalice’s suggestion.


Unfortunately there is no option for this.

Still experimenting. I’ll darken the image some more and look into making the text more readable.


Hi there. I prefer the light theme, with white background and black text. With the background image behind the text, the text is unreadable with this theme. I will be switching to the black theme because of this.

I can’t seem to find an option to disable the background image, is it at all possible?

Edit: Screengrab added.


While the image is nice (and can be used for loading times …)
Its really to much eyecandy for a forum.


forgot to mention, I use the dark theme


More alpha-index to the image plz .)


^This. Please make light theme work. Somehow people who only use one particular theme forget others exist…

When it comes to forums, readability trumps everything else. Background images are only good when they are subtle and unobtrusive. For something as flashy as this test background it’s better off to create an image gallery rather than compromise people’s ability to actually read the forum posts.


The image has been removed for a while now.


Thanks, thus thread can be “done”. Please keep the great engine of forum unhussled by such
visual candy experiments :slight_smile: Its great as-is!

Image is great for some loading scene in-game!