PC Reboots for no apparent reason

Used to happen all the time in Haven defence in BB4, now happening intermittently in BB5, has been so far while a reaction shot was happening (was before hotfix).

Now after playing a couple more missions travelling back to base to heal up after a mission it’s happened again. Only happens in this game, windows 10 was recently re-installed (just before BB4 was installed).

All drivers etc are up to date.

Obviously no way to F12 the issue over :frowning:

Any ideas?

Random reboots are usually either an overheat issue or a power supply issue. Depending on how pet free your place is, the first can often be diagnosed by pointing a household fan going full tilt at your mobo with side cover off while playing. If it stops happening, somethings overheating. It also usually comes with some visual artifactING beforehand.

Faced a similar problem. Rebooted due to insufficient or faulty memory. 8GB is probably not enough.

I increased the swap file, removed expensive programs such as chrome and torrents from memory. There are no reboots yet.