Only black hair / facial hair in the icons

Phoenix Point Screenshot 2021.03.12 -

No matter what color you put on your soldiers hair/facial hair, it will always be black on their icons during gameplay


Experiencing the same thing; maybe it’s related to the 1.10.1 update? I don’t remember it being an issue previously.

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Have the same issue. If I skip tutorial in every new game I have the issue like above. In tutorial all seems ok, but I haven’t completed it, so can’t be sure. Is there any fix for that? I’ve played the game several times, but first time when I see that. Seems like it’s lated addon issue

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Was it always the same? Or its newest DLC bug
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I’ve just started new game, want to play Festering Skies. I haven’t seen this issue in previos walkthroughts. But now it’s reproduced each new game when I skip tutorial

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