No Berzerker? Bored of elites!

Not a single Berzerker to hire, I really wonder how dev couldn’t see the burden to have decreasing choices in roster building, really lame, well ok RPG player stuff but still.

I’ll even admit that at this point of the game, it’s better get a Priest. I have already one but a second for second team would be fine, but I don’t care I want a Berzerker!!! :slight_smile: Yeah I have been too slow to hire one, sigh.

Ok increase relationship with a disgusting faction, no other way? Is attack a soldier elite haven building will decrease it to Berzerker?

Well “solved” the problem with load back, there was a last Haven I could reach before it changes in elite, sigh. I don’t think I lost anything, just a small cheat to be able to do a weaker recruit choice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gee a few hours later, just one Haven defense after, many non elite soldiers was spawned, in elite facilities including multiple Berzerker, sigh.

Now I can’t find a single priest… WTH? Joking.

That said I suspect it’s a change, I don’t remind elite spawning that much non elite, nor that recruits was changing so fast.