New Lair ala Derleth

I was evacuating (next to the zone) after killing the Spawnery, but a Siren took control of one sniper, after killing the Siren, he jumped, terrified, inside a hole, the stairs were blocked with a Chiron corpse, he couldn’t goes back, just staying down there.

I had to used a few grenades (Goliath included) to liberate him.

Maybe not a bug, but that surprised me.

They wanted your sniper to stay with them :wink:

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Yes that is frustrating! Also I find they can jump of a 4 story building but can’t jump over a chair in the office? I have had routs blocked by a chair and even a toilet!!! Seriously they need to be able to move or jump them, like the small fences, they must go round and it screws up your move sometimes. I had a hidden box around a corner and got trapped there and ruined the move and caused a loss in tactical move. It was just one small crate and he could have stepped over it but because it was between a wall and post I had to go right around and lost 8 tiles worth of moves!

They are SO much better now!

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I have another situation few times: if you under Scilla’s ass when kill it, then you can’t move cause it corpse fall on you ))) Maybe fixed already, but when it occur first time I was surprised. After that my melee carefully choose from what side to kill it ))


Nope still happens! BUT… if you blow it up you may be able to get out, the risk is you damage yourself…:slight_smile:

One time there was a soldier with 30-40 hp, so he stand there till the rest of combat )

It always happens with Scyllas, and with Terror Sentinels. Maybe with Chirons too, can’t remember now. I reported it via F12 a while back.

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I did a Lair mission today. Seemed good. Spawner was much closer. Was even a couple of cover spots.

I have found that they use other Pandas as ‘spotters’. As we ourselves use assults to spot for snipers. Without a panda in viewing range they can’t see your lads. Havn’t got to test new lairs out. Every start sinse patch has either had no recruitment sites, no where to trade food, and three to five pp bases within a scanner range of each other. So so far am a bit grrr about new patch.

Finally got time to load my old squad and try the new Lair a la Derleth today.

It was great! Such an improvement. I like the way the spawn points now funnel you towards the Maguffin, then set you up for a classic fighting withdrawal to the evac point. Much more tactical & satisfying than the old Cheezefest or Slog (depending on which way you used to deal with Lairs).

Yes, there was lots of open ground which could expose you to Chirons (I was lucky, I only had a Worm Lobber to worry about), but there were also lots of overhangs you could hug to limit its angle of fire.

Dunno what you do to piss off the Pandas so much mcarver2000, but my Lvl7 Squad close to the endgame only triggered 2 Sirens on the whole map. I can sympathise if you’re still getting 3 Sirens and a couple of Acid Chirons in the early game, though. I thought they were doing something to fix that.

EDIT: Oh, and the Spawnery was much more obvious, which will help the newbies when they come Steaming in all aGoG :smirk:

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That’s the downside of procedural generation. Yes, it makes things less predictable, but as any mathematician will tell you, true randomness results in protracted runs of certain setups - in your case closely bunched PP bases with no Havens.

IMO, PP could do with a little less RNG and a little more structure in its basic architecture - 1 PP base per continental region, for instance; early Missions spawn no further than X tiles from Base Alpha - that kind of thing.

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I have done quite a few lairs now with Derleth and I think they are the best missions currently in the game.

I’m really looking forward to see how the devs improve the rest of the missions (Citadels, scavenging, haven defense).


I’ve done a couple of citadel missions now, and it simply reinforces my opinion that the Maguffin (ie. the Scylla) needs not to come to us, but we should be forced to go to it.

As things stand, it’s still a turkey shoot - and then you Dash & Jet Jump with a couple of Rallies to bug out.

If the Scylla was hiding behind the conch shell (or better still in it, with it turned the other way round) and only activated when you could see it, it would force you to advance across the Citadel to seek it out, rather than setting up a defensive perimeter, sitting back and shouting: “Pull!” as we do at the moment.

I know something like this is in the pipeline - just letting the devs know how it’s currently working (or not) with the Evac option as it stands.

I heartily agree. There is far too much slot machine going on. In fact it’s the heading for one of the paragraphs in the ongoing review am doing for when PP hits steam.

So a bit like Warlock from XCOM2:WotC? Perhaps she could even use some of her abilities? (Like spawn facehuggers, or mist) or would that be too much?

I wouldn’t know, I gave up on Firaxis XCOM after the Alien Hunters DLC, and went down the LW2 route instead.

TBH, it’s my biggest concern about PP - they seem (quite understandably) to be chasing the ‘cartoon super-soldier’ market that’s made XCOM2 so successful, rather than creating a nicely balanced tactical sim. And I suspect I’m not the only Fig backer who hoped they’d be going the other way.

Don’t get me wrong:I think Snapshot has every right to chase the money if they think it comes from that direction - I’d just like there to be space in the game for those of us who were hoping for a more X-Com-like experience as well, is all.


PP not only copied the Firaxis supersoldiers, they clearly surpassed them in terms of superpower!
Personally, the (light) Supersoldier from Firaxis never bothered me because,

  • Taking cover (no matter how unrealistic) was relevant from the beginning to the end of the game. PP: Positioning becomes obsolete if you have “Flash” or extremely high accuracy
  • Overwatch: Even if it was already too much with XCOM2, it was always a relevant tactic. PP: You can kill significantly more enemies on the offensive by regenerating AP.
  • DRAMA and TENSION: In Firaxis you can’t overflow everything and kill in 1-2 turn(s). Of course there was an alpha strike in Firaxis, but no “FTS” terminators! You couldn’t make the entire team invulnerable there. Even the teammate mechanic in WOTC only allowed to transport 1AP to a teammate, but not to start the AP-Generator as with Rally the Troops!
    All in all, I just have to say that there was more drama and excitement at Firaxis, in my opinion for precisely these reasons.

I personally would have nothing against a “closeness” to Firaxis Supersoldiers, but not as PP does in the totally exaggerated implementation.

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I’m with you there - though to be fair to the devs, they have acknowledged this is a problem and are doing something about it. However, based on their experiences with Acid etc, they are quite sensibly planning to do it in a series of small thoughtfully considered steps, rather than a big jerk of the knee in the other direction.

It’s a very unpopular position, but IMO one of the biggest game-changers was the knee-jerk nerf to RF when people started complaining about it in the early days after release.

Arthron Return Fire existed as a mechanic that prevented people from unrealistically waltzing out into the open, sticking a shotgun in their target’s face and blowing its head off, because if they did so they got gunned down by the target’s buddies.

Now, you can run right across the map, stand right next to half a dozen Crabbies, RC, blow one’s brains out, move on to the next, blow its brains out, Rally, move onto the next, blow its brains out… And the Crabbies don’t react! It’s added to the unrealism of the game in a very significant way - which is why I use @pantolomin’s excellent ‘RF a la Carte’ to reset the balance the other way.

The more disharmony in skills, the more difficult it is to build a stable beautiful System.
Especially if it conflicts with the Basic Mechanics (Reality VS Non-Reality - instead of Pseudoreality).
And it will break deeper as more DLC is added. Although there is an opportunity to gradually smooth out the problem area, but for this it is necessary to constantly increase the amount of resources and forces, which is the Snapshotgames weakest point (There is no way to ignore the problem, filling it with money).
But this is not enough, @UnstableVoltage & Snapshotgames decided to make it worse by pushing active fans to the groan of the opposition (we will do our own thing, and you are a minority / “you’re nobody”).
At this time, at the finish line / in Steam - a game awaits, a bunch of skeptics and embittered fans who endured silently the Epic scandal.

@Snapshotgames, you went through a problematic release thanks to the great support of the fans, based on the fact that the game “soon” will be completed and “it will only get better.” If on the way to the release in Steam, there will be a “silly super-soldier game”, even the opening of Moding will not save.