Mission frequency pacing

Hello everyone,

I am writing this post as I am curious what are people’s opinions regarding frequency of combat encounters.

From multiple streams I have watched it seems combat opportunity pops up extremely frequently: scavenging sites, heaven defences and combat missions seem to pop up whenever you look.

All previous XCOM games had a much more deliberate pace - of course, Firaxis games scheduled their missions, but even in original games a limited scanning range and amount of activity beyond players power level meant that amount of battles weren’t overwhelming. I always felt that this “combat spam” always happened in those games, but it tended to be in later game where either we had too much coverage (UFOs and LongWars) or we had little to gain from combat and enemy progression halted (Firaxis XCOMs).

I write it out of worry as to frequent presence of combat missions seem to negatively impact game pace right now - with so little time elapsing inbetween mission there doesn’t seem enough progress on both player and enemy side to keep things interesting.

Of course, it is beta, and just adding a bigger variety of events that could be discovered could elevate the problem.

Another thing, might be including from a get go missions beyond player capability: like bigger UFOs - something player might not be able to tackle at the start of the game.

Which leads be to an inquiry: how does the world map work? Are events and heavens created at the start of the game and are there to be discovered, or are some of them generated as the game goes: new heavens being established, new mission opportunities popping up. Do missions disappear if they are not taken within a time frame?

I lost a save once and re-did some stuff, the Havens were the same, but the Exploration event was different.

For the first part of post I can’t answer because I feel like I have played not enough to judge frequency of battles.

  • All havens and other sites (scav and explore) and even Phoenix Bases are created at the start of campaign. Evenst too according to affiliation each haven has.
  • There are even predefined places for alien places (but those are hidden most of the time, and then randomly activated - so when loading game from distant past you will get alien bases in different places than before the load).
  • Having above in mind missions where aliens attack havens (or even your bases) are dynamically generated. What more, even if you have alien bases in the same places as before you can get defend missions in different havens (so aliens pick them randomly - or have quite sophisticated algorithm)
  • Scavenge missions of course are always in the same places, but composition of aliens can changed based on distance to alien bases.
  • What more I think that diplomacy can create dynamic missions, but I’m not really experienced in this matter.
  • And of course you can always make different decisions if you want to steal something from some haven nearby, or maybe sabotage there something else if you will get “back in time”. :wink:

And haven defence missions have limited time where you can react. The same goes with alien attacks on your bases.

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