Missiles that land outside of map boundaries vanish without explosion

If a missile would hit a tile past the artificial map boundaries it vanishes instead.

This is two-edged blade. You can protect your soldiers at the map edges against Chiron bombs, but firing your own missiles you can expect some of them not explode on the map :slight_smile: Question is if you are ready to sacrifice one of the methods of protection to be able to hit enemies near the edge of the map (remembering that you can have different methods of attack with your soldier (Scarab is different pair of boots).

It’s not a double edged sword. If my missile indicator indicates a blast radius and a clear path, it has to work. Simple consistency. Of course I would expect chiron projectiles to explode when they hit a tile, if I can reach that tile or not is irrelevant, what’s important is is if the projectile can reach the tile.

Yes it should work like that. But then players will complain that they can’t protect their soldier at the edge of the map. :smiley:

Game balance vs World Realism again me thinks😉

I never tried that because I just assumed that the game works as expected :wink:

For me playing around map boundaries because enemy projectiles might vanish is exploiting a bug.


Yes, remove the cheese please…

Using the map edge as “protection” from explosives because you know the explosive will disappear if it goes past the border is the very definition of an exploit.


I have never used it as a exploit. the action is towards the centre or the map.

1: you only go to the edge if you want to use the that exploit for that very reason.

2: if its your shot that’s going outside the map then learn to aim better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3: if its the hostiles shot be thankfull.

4: its not a bug the game only cares what’s happening on the map.

Not necessarily true. I often use the edge to attack the spawnery in lairs. Not as an exploit, but as a method of direct attack.

i am talking about missiles out side the map not attack routes didn’t you read the topic? :thinking: