Making absolutely sure... NDA?

I couldn’t really find anything regarding it, I just want to make absolutely sure.

Is there an NDA? Yes or No?

Am I allowed to discuss this game and it’s mechanics/performance in other forums? I see that there is a thread regarding Recording and Streaming… but I’m just being respectful for clarity, as well as appreciation. In other Alpha’s I have participated in there were specific forums… so, again, I’m just making sure!

Thank you for your time and game!

There is no NDA. We just ask that you be mindful when talking about or showing the Backer Build and make it clear that it is an “in-development” build.

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I appreciate the speedy reply, and thank you and the team so much for the game.

It’s just nice to know that there are people who can use the Unity engine and not use it as a crutch excuse for bad performance, and wanted to use this game as an example of how to do things right, even with it being “in-development!”


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