Mad Scientist - Mission Insta-fail

Hi Guys…

Trying get into the site to do “The Mad Scientist” mission.
It appears that as soon as the ship coming down cinematic finishes, the mission insta-fails without loading anything except the map it self.
Not even any soldiers can be seen…

The map is the new Citadel map with the high green walls.

Any ideas??

Hi there,

I also have the same problem, exactly as @CraigHazel described (soldiers cannot be seen new Citadel map with the high green maps etc.). Below are some details on my game play:

  • I have the latest patch (Arkham 1.8 EGS) installed.
  • I started the game, I completed the first two missions of the Living Weapons before the Arkham patch was released.
  • After I return to the world map, the mission does not appear as an objective on the left top corner anymore.

It looks like the units are not (properly) loaded in the start of the mission. Then the mission insta-fails because there are zero units on the field and the mission objective has not been completed.

I hope this much of detail would be adequate. I’d be happy to help further.

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