Like i tell my wife

It’s X-com baby i’m sorry I spent like 100 bucks, proably cause I did it wrong, but that’s X-Com Baby!


In all seriousness…like yes…yes…it’s more complex then Firaxis’s version, but I see where lesson’s learned have been taken…even the Master can become the Student, and Vice Versa, after all.

Although has anyone else had the bug if they skip the tutorial, where they can go to a site with the craft, but you know there should be an “encounter” because U “Right” clicked on the site but it will not load?

I’m a new player who just spent a 100 buck on this game, and OMFG Game, SLAMMED back to 1992 or whatever, GAMES GOOD!..and all’s that…but…um do I have to reboot if that happens?

I also dilike how the UI does not tell you enough information, and it’s UI HELL!!! to try to get at what you want…it’s like over the line Obtuse sometimes!..I swear if I didn’t like the xcom from the 90’s i’d already have quit! :stuck_out_tongue: take that ! Snapshot! improve on the design…!