Lack of activity


I love this forum.

A lot of people are dedicated to the game and you can tell that they want it to be the best game ever made. They try to make their posts as clear and complete as possible and someone always have an opinion about that specific point you’re talking about. Lovely.

To be fair, there are a lot of things that need to be discussed : game mechanics, design, lore (you know this is my stuff haha), gameplay, etc… Yeah, we need all those persons.

I’m not part of the dev team but I assume that a hundred people discussing every aspect of the game must be helpful (also frustrating from time to time let’s face it hahaha).

Considering this forum is sort of a part of the game (what makes PP good even before it’s out is its community) I strongly believe we should try and keep it healthy, don’t you think ?

I have a shitty job and it allows me to spend a lot of time over here and I couldn’t help but notice a decrease in participation.

I don’t know really but I’d love some members of the team to be more active over here.

I know there is a discord and all, feel free to tell me I should go there if I want to discuss more if it’s the only answer haha.

Anyway, wish you all a good day from France.



Hmm, this sounds like I’m going to be a party pooper here but let’s face a few harsh realities about community input from someone who works in the industry (I don’t currently work for a dev studio, being instead one of the evil publisher guys) and has worked community before, collecting and reporting feedback.

Truth is, the vast majority of suggestions posted here aren’t workable and we are mostly entertaining each other. Why is that? Let’s look at it :

  • Because we lack context and can only reason based on previous experiences but don’t really know much about the game being developed.
  • Because what players think they want and what they really want are often very different things and what may sound cool on paper may not be that enjoyable in game
  • Because we may not be aware of technical limitations of the code developed so far and how gameplay elements tie together.
  • Because we’re discussing stuff that has already taken a different direction and has gone way to far to turn back.
  • Because it simply doesn’t match the vision of the creative guys at PP and wouldn’t fit.

And that’s only for well thought and presented ideas.

@UnstableVoltage is quite present on the forum, reads and communicates, as befits a community manager, and may forward stuff that truly stands out and match their vision, but I’d expect this to be less than common. He’s more likely to relay feedback on features that have been presented already than ideas about stuff to implement.

That shouldn’t discourage people to post. Great ideas can emerge on such forums, but when all is said and done, their importance shouldn’t be overstated.


That actually sums things up nicely.

We have hundreds of different voices coming from all angles (not just these forums) with their own ideas and suggestions. Some are really good (most are terrible), and from time to time we see a real gem of an idea which we do give serious consideration. But, overall most community suggestions just cannot be worked into the game for one or more of the reasons stated above. A game designed by committee would likely be a real mess.

Julian often reads these forums, and if there is anything which seems really important then I bring his attention to it. However, Julian and the other designers are extremely busy and that doesn’t leave them much time for direct communication with the community - that’s my job. I’m sure some other members of the development team also visit the forums - though they too are very busy. While all of the team speak English, it isn’t their first language. Not all of them feel comfortable communicating publicly in this way.


I perfectly understand your point and of course I know that most of our suggestions are terrible (@UnstableVoltage you made me laugh a lot haha).
This is perfectly normal and I knew you would answer something like that but I think I might have failed making my point clear.

It’s not about the team being more active on the forum or answering every bad idea we have, it’s just about managing the community.
Sometimes, someone has an idea and put time into illustrating it and everyone argues and this jsut great but it’s been a week since the last relevant topic and I was just wondering if it was possible pour you @UnstableVoltage (for example) to start a poll or something on a random topic from time to time to wake everybody !

Once again, not demanding anything, just asking questions !

English ain’t my native language as well and I certainly fail being clear sometimes but I didn’t intend to look childish and I apologize if it ended up so.

Anyway, have a pleasant day and keep up with the good work. This forum is kept neat and congrats to you for that !


There just isn’t much to talk about right now. I mean I suppose we could rehash accuracy thing and how it creates a donut effect for shot dispersion but that’s been talked about to death and we don’t even have the info for how much it plays into things.

Most other things can’t really be discussed. A bunch of things haven’t been implemented into the game yet. We don’t have any design/vision docs to even attempt to provide ideas in that regard. So we sit and wait.


We’re still almost a year away from launch and, IIRC, next build is to be released in November. Hype cannot (and shouldn’t) be maintained over a long period. I have a feeling that, even with launch date postponed, Snapshot has a lot on their plate atm considering that the project is still very ambitions and has set expectations.

I hope PP will turn out great but we have to realize that it’s not launching next month and be patient.


Exactly. Which is why I’ve played the backers builds only a few times, I don’t want to burn myself out during the wait. I did use it to showcase the game to a friend who was interested which was cool but otherwise I’m just waiting much like I am with DOOM: Eternal.


Agree there is not much to talk about yet and haven’t even tried the second backer build.

For me the interesting things about UFO Defense included the development of individual soldiers through experience, the variety in battle environments, the Geoscape/world view, research, and progress in the campaign, about which we don’t know much.

The original sound track also added a lot, so I am hoping that eventually that will be just as characteristic and atmospheric.


Well, we do have the same composer.


Good news about the composer…I especially liked the rumpy…pumpy…dumpy when an interceptor was approaching a UFO. It fitted so well with the style of the game. A lot of small things like this were what made it so remarkable and enjoyable; they combined to give a consistent feel in each of the various sections. If that can somehow be reproduced I shall be well satisfied in the end.

btw I get email reminders about latest postings but for some reason they still have this underneath:-

“Hello! Looks like you’re enjoying the discussion, but you haven’t signed up for an account yet … When you create an account, we remember exactly what you’ve read, so you always come right back where you left off. You also get notifications, here and via email, whenever someone replies to you. And you can like posts to share the love. :heartpulse:

Perhaps it would be a waste of resources to tidy things up but do hope it’s not part of the “too many teams” syndrome which can easily arise in a larger operation.

Yes “A game designed by committee…”
How does the cliche go, is it ‘A camel is a horse designed by a committee’?


No one is really expecting that line of influence. Acknowledging which ones are on the same line, or can be released in future updates (worthy enough, checked with team).

worthy of a paid position in team summarily.

It seems activity is linked with PP releases - people will come WHEN they have what to discuss. Expect more traffic in November.


My thoughts exactly. As it stands, PP is just a really well devised battle scenario. Four soldiers, some enemies, the same setting. There’s only so much that can be argumented, discussed, debated, with such a raw material.

But you know, November, when those XSolla e-mail start to get in the inboxes… :smile:


Well we did our best and got very little feedback, except Jullian praising us all.


Ah, well! I do have total faith in the development team, so by now will just have to wait.


¬66 days left + some additional time.We all hope it will be good, but total faith might lead to a bit of disappointment.


I just expect game better than both FiraXCOMs - nothing more. Backers Builds already told me that there is high chance for that. I just need to see BB with geoscape and then I can just wait for release without next BBs. :wink:


Surely it will be. Just the waits will be longer. What you said you would like is like getting BB in November and then waiting for summer/automn/winter for the finale. I would personally like more, even “single battle scenario” add-on slike BB1 and BB2 were.


Well, it will be long time without Phoenix Point, but I have many other games to finish. :wink:


What do you mean 66 days? It got pushed from November to 2019 (I forget which quarter).


The next planned backer beta “release” probably.