I don't think the 'Unread' button is working


Or at least not how I’m expecting them to…

I’ve been suspecting this for a while, but definitely today I’m seeing new posts appear that aren’t highlighted via the Unread button at the top of the forum.

They posts are appearing in the latest feed on the right hand side of the forum so there’s definitely something new, but the button itself doesn’t indicate the same which on other occasions I have seen it do.

EDIT - Updated post and thread title as it’s the Unread rather than the Latest button which I don’t think is working.


This is my “Latest” at the moment, is there something missing? (I couldn’t find a missing one, but that doesn’t mean there is none).

I’m using the “Latest” as my “home screen” on this forum since the start, and can’t remember missing a topic… it’s possible that I just didn’t catch it, but would surprise me a lot.


Maybe there is some kind of bug with the “Muted” function? That should make the topic not appear in the “Latest” list, and if it has some bug and activates on non-muted topics too, I can see topics disappearing “for no reason”.


Okay, I think I’ve sussed something out here - It’s not a ‘Latest’ button, it’s an ‘Unread’ button.

Latest is a view which is always visible to select.
Unread is a button which only appears in order to indicate new posts that you haven’t read yet (This is what I originally thought Latest was doing as Unread had disappeared by the time I posted this thread)

Anyway, I the ‘Unread’ button isn’t working. I don’t think that new threads register on the Unread button at all, but there’s a second thread here with unread posts in it, and they’re not showing up either.


I’m guessing Unread specifically shows unread posts in threads you are tracking


“Tracking” is the important thing here (“watching” works too), just made 2 screenshots to check it:




Yeah it does look that way doesn’t it? So it is working, just perhaps a poor choice of name for the label. ‘‘Tracking’’ would be a lot more intuitive.