How to report a bug

Thanks to everyone who has played Phoenix Point to date and helped us track down pesky bugs to continually improve the game! As a reminder, this channel is intended primarily as a way for the community to help one another with any lingering issues in the game, and the best way to report a bug or issue is via the following:

– If you’re playing on PC, simply press F10 while in-game and our bug reporting tool will screenshot the current issue, allow you to explain the issue at length, and include an email address for potential follow-up. This is the best method for us to track down the problem as it automatically includes important game-state data like your log and saved game, so we can see what may be happening under the hood at the time of the bug.

– If you’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox, please visit our Feedback site here: Console Bugs and Issues | Phoenix Point. You can submit your bug with your platform, region, and any details about the bug itself. You can also include a screenshot (a phone pic is OK!), if able.


While we’re happy if players choose to play with mods on PC, these can often create instances where the game does not work as intended. Typically, we can detect this when submitting a bug report, but if you’re using a 3rd party mod and the game encounters an issue, please be sure to disable the mod and try again before submitting a bug report.

As we continue to investigate any reported issues with Behemoth Edition, we wanted to highlight that both PlayStation and Xbox consoles have a “Save Clip” feature which will save the last several minutes of your gameplay. If you can save and upload a video with the reporting issue, that could help with the investigation.

Here are some guides on how to save clips for both PlayStation and Xbox, which you can link from your Canny support requests or post here:

Additionally, for those affected by controller issues, a few questions we hope you can answer for us. If you’ve submitted issues via Canny, we may reach out via email for answers there.

  • Game Session time
    How many hours have you played before your controller stopped giving any input?

  • Where/when exactly did controller input stopped working?
    Any specific screen or mission name will help with investigation

  • Do some inputs work or is it completely unresponsive?

  • Have you tried to reconnect the controller?
    Both wireless and wired connections. If you haven’t tried, please try to do so next time you experience the issue.

  • Please share your KSIVA code (it’s located in Options menu in the bottom right corner of the window).

  • Video of the issue (per the above capture options), if possible.

Thank you all for your patience as we work on these fixes! Once we have specific timing on updates/patches, we will share that with everyone.