How to make BB5 more difficult

I’m not sure what you guys think about current difficulty but I decided to use some in-house rules to make it more challenging. It is related to skills, but I will probably add some points later on, not connected with skills.

So you want to have higher difficulty? Use these rules in BB5:

  • When handling items between soldiers put the item in the backpack of second soldier, then with that second soldier use inventory again to ready that item (that would also mean to not messing around with inventories of other soldiers with your Ready for Action assault).
  • Use Dash no more than once per turn for soldiers up to 4 level and 2/turn for soldiers with 5+ level.
  • If you plan to double class to assault with Heavy or Sniper classes and you plan to use heavy or sniper weapon, don’t train Return Fire.
  • Use Rally the troops only 1 time per combat with one soldier, and no more than 1 / turn if you have more assaults in your team.
  • Use maximum of 2 AP granted by Rapid Clearance.
  • Use Quick Aim no more than 2 times per turn.
  • Do not train Master Marksman (snipers already have too good accuracy with their gear).
  • Do not train Weak Spot with Sniper.
  • Use Mark for Death only once per turn.
  • Do not train Inspire with Heavy class.
  • Use Rage Burst only with burst weapons and those not doing more than 40 damage per bullet (multi-pellet/rays weapons are excluded, so no Shotgun or Acid weapons)
  • Do not train Armor Break with Berserker.
  • With Adrenaline Rush use it as it would decrease skill cost by 1 AP (not to 1 AP). Don’t use remaining AP which will be left.
  • Use Fast Use only with items mentioned n the description, so only medkits and mech arms (use other items and skills as they would use regular AP).
  • Do not train Electric Reinforcement with Technician.
  • Mind Control only one enemy at a time with each priest.
  • Do not train Psychic Ward
  • Use Mind Blast maximum of 2 times per turn per priest.

Dash no more that twice per turn i fully agree

Unless you want to pistol shot like Django, quick aim with the sniper rifle need two uses for two shots, one for shot and overwatch, looks balanced seen the WP cost

Mark for Death is so complex to use that i never do; maybe it’s just me and it can be used with a key and a click.

Rage Burst just because you trained 3 4 more points of sternght to be able to carry the cannon, i dont think anyone uses an heavy without the launcher, you deserve to be able to use it when you turn a corner and meet a Chiron

Better say dont use Armor Break with a shotgun at mid range and remove ALL armor from an enemy; used with a hammer it seems to me perfectly in theme also considering that you cannot aim so you could remove the armor from a leg

Weak Spot AFAIK is bugged, it doesnt seem to remove the armor from the disabled part; maybe i’m wrong.

Mechanic arms are very nice to see and look scary, but you cannot make the ammo for them, so i dunno if they are powerful or just useful to hang the raincoat. Turrets are crap for the cost, just a decoy unless they decide by themselves to start shooting the mist sentinel, better carry one more grenade or magazine in the small backpack we have. Stopped trainig and using my tech, using a berserker instead; same with the infiltrator, very cool to see and read what he can do but bugged like hell.

Never found the tech for priests so dunno

IMHO the only skills that need nerfing are dash and RC