How do I do a clean reinstall?

PP is FUBAR after trying to install some mods - tried deleting, stil FUBAR - so how do I do a clean reinstall?

Just for reference it won’t let me uninstall if from the launcher 'cos it thinks it’s running!! :frowning:

Figured it out - the mod injector was running the background :frowning:

I wish game designers would make SIMPLE ways for people to do mods instead of all the bloody pissing around - all I want to do is cut out the opening animations FFS

Official mod support will be added in at a later date

Look forward to it thanks!! :slight_smile:

Steam Workshop? Just saying…

I got no idea what that means

I meant that what you asked for, a simple way to install mods, is the way Steam Workshop works. Hopefully Epic will someday implement the same sort of workshop arrangements.

I see - haven’t been on Steam for many years, so I guess, yeah - a solid al-over system for Epic would be good