Feedback: Configuration menu

The configuration menu that open up when we klick the .exe is rather pointless and should be removed. How often do people need to change their graphics each time they start the same game?
Probably only once, and if they for some reason want to change the screen resolution, or graphics quality or select a monitor, then they can do that in the game meny while inside the game.

So, please remove the configuration menu and just start the game already :blush:

The graphics options within the game haven’t been fully implemented yet. In addition, because this is a development build, there’s less optimisation and more likelihood or driver and hardware issues. Letting users alter their graphics options outside of the game is better practice at this stage.

When the game releases, this menu will be suppressed and settings will be adjusted in-game.

Quite alot of games out there that stick with the menu even after release.
But hey, they want our feedback, so here is my feedback: Get rid of the menu :slight_smile:
Now, if thats something they have allready planed, thats just grand.