Facing NJ Types?

Any helpful tips on how to surviving fighting a bunch of NJ types w 3 heavies armed with rockets + an armadillo? On my first turn attacking, I move into positions. In their first turn the heavies jump jet into position and unleash hell with the rockets, blowing away level 7 dudes with max’d hitpoints.

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if atoll possible, I’d try and get into a building with a 1 floor roof (aka not a ruin without a roof or a church with a high ceiling). the mounted weapon rockets are arcing weapons and can’t really be fired inside a building. The AI tends not to fire these when they don’t have a direct shot. prioritize the heavies anyway as they are by far the most dangerous.

if a building is not available, stay out of sight…their heavies have very poor stealth so you will see them well before they see you. and they tend not to use their JP to close as long as they don’t see a target. then try and pop them at range before they get to employ their rockets.

the armadillo is a HP soak… it has an inaccurate weapon so its not really that much of a threat, and is usually accompanied by technicians allowing it to be repaired. you can basically ignore it…or focus on its weapon effectively neutering it if no higher profile targets are visible.

I’m confused why all troops have maxed strength, but to each his own.

Before mission: If you have no tools, at the very least bring armor. Highly armored units don’t take nearly any damage from explosives. Bring a Scarab, or any other transport. The scarabs missile launcher can disable heavies and protect your troops. A technician also stops these big problems with electrified armor and the ability to heal body damage.

If your have snipers, the fury missile launcher is constructed with paper mache, the Phoenix sniper can one shot it easily.
If your heavies have warcry, and they probably should, it will prevent the heavies from rocket jumping and firing missiles. If they fire a missile at a heavy… who cares. (This is the most reliable, as it also prevents them from using their main weapon)
If you have a decent priest, you can stun lock them with fear after disabling their head from any distance the priest can see them.
If you are high rolling, rage burst will kill basically anything.

There are more options, but that should be something.

As far as I know, when the armadillo’s weapon is destroyed, it will completely lose its combat ability, and in order to destroy its weapon, only snipers need to attack twice in a row.
As for heavy infantry, if you want to quickly lose their combat ability, you can directly attack their weapons instead of attacking their heavy armor.