Equipment Sorting and income levels

Can you add the ability to sort equipment? Currently, it’s just a mess and makes it difficult to track what you have and don’t have. Additionally, there should be some easy mechanism to transfer items to the ship from the base.

The diplomacy aspect of the game has potential, but I am not seeing any benefit other than additional places to build refueling/radar stations. Shouldn’t a player get some sustained reward for getting higher levels with different factions?

Overall though, really enjoying the game! Keep it up!


sorting and organizing the inventory is on the to do list.

The current diplomacy system is just placeholder. There are plenty of interactions to be added, like the upcoming event system, being able to recruit faction specific soldiers, technology research and other details too.

I believe they’ve said sorting is definitely in the cards.

Keep in mind, Backer builds are bare bones, and are missing a lot of systems at the moment. Transfers and supporting UI is probably related to that.

Diplomacy is in the same boat. That’s very much a placeholder type system in the geoscape right now, though I wouldn’t expect to see an exceptionally robust diplomacy system, judging by my interpretation of the design details so far.

Edit: Rook, you’re too on point here to compete with :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I wasn’t complaining but simply adding suggestions for future builds :slight_smile:

All this will be improved. Several have requested the same things. I think we are only seeing the tiniest part of the diplomacy currently. It sounds like once it is complete, it will play a big part in the game.

The answers have been along the lines of… we are just seeing an extremely early version of the game. So many things are yet to be included and several will change. This BB is just to give us a taste of the games direction.