Computer instantly shuts off randomly when zooming in near anything "smoky"

Random instant reboots have been a major issue. They typically happen during a mission when I’m zooming in on a target that’s been poisoned, or in smoke- anything with a smoky particle effect. It doesn’t always do it in those conditions, but once it does, it will every time. For example, I saved the game during a mission just prior to zooming in as described, and upon it crashing, rebooting and reloading the game, it will crash predictably if I try to take that specific shot again. It’s crashed similarly a couple of times in the geoscape, but I’ve found no consistent cause.

Started with graphics settings very high (i7-4930, 32GB RAM, Radeon 56), but tried changing to lowest graphics settings possible and the issue persists.

Pretty unplayable as it is, especially since some enemies will generate the poison cloud, followed by the camera movement on the same enemy turn moving to and crashing the client.

Hey :slight_smile:

I’m not a dev but as i know that can help;

If you still play and end up reencounter this bug (or any other, for what matter). Can you please press F12, that will generate an automated bug report including your system config, a screenshot of your ingame actual windows, and a ziped version of your savegame. You can include a small note about the issue and how to reproduce it in a textbox that will open.

Thanks for them :slight_smile:

Can’t really generate a report once it crashes my computer, and won’t show the issue before it crashes it though, right?

If you can reproduce the bug consistently then you can hit F12 before a certain crash condition. Then the devs can use the save file to perform the same action you use to recreate the bug (e.g. zooming on a certain character) so make sure you explain how to create the crash in the field were you can write during the F12 report procedure.

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Thanks for the tip. Just submitted the issue.