Can Arthrons Target in Melee?

I swear to God, arthrons that make it into melee contact nearly always strike an arm. It happens way too often for RNG. Anyone know if arthrons get free aim in melee?

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I’m not really sure, but I think melee attacks hit the closest body part and the arms are mostly the closest as long as the attacker don’t stand direct in front or back of the target. I used this also against human enemies, just taking a position on their side and almost always hit an arm.


No, but it seems they on purpose tend to disable your ability to use better weapons. I dont blame them, I would do the same, and I do with various weapons. Head or hands, my fav choice. With exception of bossess that can spawn more worms or facehuggers - destroy the spawning point first.

When I do that, I hit legs and torsos as often as arms.

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Probably depends on the weapon?

YUP-no arm=use a pistol. Oh wait you are not proficient so you most likely are now a mule or a bystander for your team.
Throw a grenade maybe.