Build your own ship

I’d like to invite you to a little, hopefully interesting, experiment: let’s design a new ship for our soldiers. Since many of you are veteran commanders, you surely have a vision of an ideal ship (or multiple types), that would suit you the best.

Assume you have 14.5 points to spend (our ship needs to be on par with NJ/Syn/Anu designs) and the costs are as follow:

  • 1 point for 1 soldier capacity (let’s assume 4 is a minimal requirement)
  • 1 point for 100 speed
  • 1 point for 1000 range (let’s assume 1500 range is minimal requirement)
    Since we don’t know how useful armor is let’s assume it will be 100 and let’s not touch it any further.

To give a reference, a Manticore is:

  • 6 soldiers
  • 500 speed
  • 2000 range.
    (13 points in total, 1.5 less than typical Syn/NJ/Anu model)

I wonder what designs you’ll come up with.


I want my Manticore2 with these specs:

  • 7 soldiers
  • 500 speed
  • 2500 range

And vehicles occupying 2 slots

Please? :slight_smile:

Only 3 parameters to spend on. I will stay with what is in the game. :wink:

Games like this are inherent part of a good design process (and 3 parameters make it an ideal example, because it makes everything simple). It’s not actually about building a ship, but rather finding weak spots in balance and design.

What would be your conclusions if everyone’s best design would actually be mostly the same?

Fast Response Infiltrator Drop Ship (FRIDS) (for this I want to go under 4 soldiers as minimal requirement):

  • 3 soldiers
  • 800 speed
  • 3500 range


There is another factor to take into account - resources (including time) to build.

In practice, this is more often than not what I base my decision on.

But with those 3 parameters, I would want 2 of these and a Manticore:

4 soldiers
700 speed
3500 range

Each one could be used for exploring, as 4 is good enough to fend off an ambush, and together could be used for heavy-duty jobs.