BB3 - Text is very blurry on Mac OS Mojave

Unfortunately text on the current build is almost unreadable. This was already an issue in BB2 but less noticeable. Now with more text content and the geoscape this is getting a usability problem.

Since geometry edges are crisp this is probably a rendering bug and not just related to graphics settings.

System: Early 2018 MBP, Mac OS Mojave

How to reproduce:
1 Start App launcher
a set resolution to 1280 x 900
b quality setting potato
c activate full screen
d graphics card automatic (selector is disabled for me)
2 launch the game
3 text is blurry

  • tried different resolutions up to 1920
  • tried reducing the screen magnification in system > displays without success

I’m trying a few more things later tonight (windowed, different quality and more resolutions) and update this topic…

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