[Backer Build 1] Friendly Fire Warning/Ducking

It would be nice if there was something that warned of potential friendly fire when you don’t use the first person aim. The other day I had a sniper shot to kill a crabman, and since it was all solid blinking squares (we really need a better way to speak about these, but that’s neither here nor there) I didn’t bother looking at the first person view. Color me surprised when the camera cuts to my assault ragdolling as he takes a bullet in the head.

Ideally, if a friendly was within the cone of fire and you aren’t in first person view, a warning would pop up allowing you to either cancel the shot/manually re-adjust or fire regardless.

Allies being able to kneel/duck to get out of the way of potential friendly fire would be nice as well.

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Well, this would be helpful. Unfortunately, it would then make friendly fire obsolete, and requirement of a player to think of unit placement in grander strategic plan to avoid not only explosive enemy shots but also friendly fire. I mean one would correct it for 1 AP.

DUCKING however was existing mechanics in old Xcom and could just as well be used to reduce chances of friendly fire to half or so, while keeping no warning policy.