Acid no effect on Pandoran shields?


Acid should be acid when it hits Pandoran shields. It should do acid things. Not just one-time damage and have no acid effect at all.

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Greetings! :vulcan_salute: I believe the Acid Attack slowly wears/eats armor away before getting to skin. *But the damage inflicted goes down an unstated number of points per turn too. At least according to the weapon description in game, when you mouse over it.

That said. If you hit a Shield for say 40 points worth of Acid, with no Splash Damage :open_mouth: … it would take something like 6 turns to destroy the shield. However, if the damage is dropped by 10 per turn, the Acid would evaporate before it could do more than etch a nasty gram on it. :frowning:

Now that said. If the devs up the damage done. We’re going to see both sides acid attacks do some pretty nasty things to soldiers and bugs alike. :eyes: