Phoenix Point   Bug Reporting

Patch 0.3.32990 (15)

Fixed a game hang after using the stun rod with the last active soldier. Fixed an issue where destroying an enemy’s body part with Overwatch/Return Fire would cause the game to hang. Fixed an issue where Crabmen shot th…

List of Known Bugs (3)

Below is a list of known bugs in the current Backer Build: *Enemy turns are slow and sometimes gets stuck completely *Performance drops when using Armadillo’s Ram ability. *Frequent game hangs in the Tactical layer (e…

How to Report Bugs (4)

A message from our QA Lead, Bozhidar, Hey guys, I know most of you are excited to get your hands on the backer build. We’ve worked very hard to bring it to you. One thing that we are personally excited about is the fe…

Backers Build 3 bugs spotted by Yokes (19)
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Squad Roster Equipping (2)
Flying to Alien Base, then choosing "LEAVE" (2)
Snapshot Games Launcher is not downloading ( 2 3 4 5 ) (81)
Assault missed 100% shot (8)
Bugs noticed in Phoenix Point Backer Build 3, patch 0.3.32990 (4)
Queen in da house (1)
Game crash in haven defence (4)
BB3, macOS (10.13.6) – Stuck on AA forever (20)
Game crash in tactical (1)
Patch 0.3.32564 ( 2 3 ) (49)
Bleeding Kills Issue ( 2 ) (29)
Upside Down World (1)
Frustrating game crash and file not found (14)
[BB3] Bugs - Mac (5)
Overwatch Game Crash (14)
BB3 - OSX - Loading freezes on alien base assault mission (1)
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Launcher causes network glitches (7)
PX-GL Firecat + PX-GL Firecat Magazine = Unlimited Grenades? ( 2 ) (27)
General Feedback / Bug or Not? (16)
Encumberance not updated (2)
Soldier TP after shot (11)
Backer Build 3 Patch v 0.3.32564 (4)
BB3 Overwatch Issues (6)
Will there be a fix for the oft reported haven problems? (7)