Who would you choose to have as voice actors for Pheonix Point?

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 3 weeks ago

This is just a hypothetical question; but assuming that there is an element of voice acting within Pheonix Point; who would you like to see (hear) be involved?

I think I'd be in heaven with a combination of Tom Baker, Sean Bean, Mark Hamill, and Claudia Black. Given the overall budget of the game, I know that this is pretty unrealistic, but you can always dream....

@Snapshot - Will there be any voice acting? If so I would settle for just Claudia Black ;-)

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Dark_Ansem posted this 2 weeks ago

"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite faction in Phoenix Point"

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RobJFalcon posted this 2 weeks ago


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Simosso posted this 3 weeks ago

What about Retcon Raider? Love his voice and he would probably be willing.

UnstableVoltage posted this 3 weeks ago

There may well be some voice acting for certain things (the demo definitely has some). As Spite suggests though, we don't have the budget to spring for any big name celebs. However, we will be using professional voice actors through agencies.


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Dark_Ansem posted this 2 weeks ago

If I think of proper voice acting I mainly think of:


  • Bioware (KOTOR, Dragon Age, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect)
  • Obsidian (KOTOR2)
  • Black Isle (Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment)