Which mutation?

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 23 October 2017

So I was just wondering which natural creatures people would most like to see mutated forms of whilst playing Phoenix Point?

Considering the watery origins of the red mist I think it'd be pretty cool to see a mutated form of the Octopus, it'd be an intelligent opponent with some tool wielding ability, but it's real strengths could come from its ability to fit through small spaces in order to either catch or avoid its opponents, and with 6 suckered arms it'd be able to hold on and engage in melee with multiple units at the same time (or focus all those suckers on just the one).

An armoured variant of this could be the nautilus.

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TheZer0 posted this 24 October 2017

I looked through the concept art and there is a hammerhead shark mixed with octo/squid and human. I dont remember its exact name, but there were like two more creatures with it that had tentacles.

The mutation you are most likely to see in the beginning would be mostly fish like mutations. Crabs, lobsters, squids, sharks, etc. But as you get farther in land animals will start being thrown into the gene pool and even later on flying creatures in there as well. I honestly believe the most common mutations you will see on land would be human based mutations. Like human zombies almost.

silver1974 posted this 26 October 2017

will the mutation be responsible for the increased intelligence of the species as well? or will there be some plot or storyline with someone behind it

Tomastiler posted this 28 October 2017

mutation maybe improve the power of the species, expect subsequent developments.