what will soldiers level up effects be?

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spark disiple posted this 13 December 2017

will they just get better stats the more they survive like the old xcoms still keeping their cannon fodder appeal, or level up and gain more abilities like the firaxis xcoms.  personally i like the old xcom soldier leveling up they are as powerful as the equipment you give them and such, while like xcom 2 war ofthe chosen it is devistating when one of your highest leveled soldiers die.


i do know that there are several different classes but i would like those to be like training like technician know how to use drones so they can  get a drone back pack.

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 16 December 2017

Yeah, I think I preferred the old Xcom system too.

Having classes/specialists is fine, but I never liked the idea that only an assault class can equip a shotgun (or whatever), yes they should maybe be the most skilled at using that shotgun, but hey it's a shotgun, why can't anyone else make use of it too if that's the loadout that the player chooses to give to them.

The same applies for amount of kit carried, you should be able to give your squad as much kit as you like, with they payoff coming via encumberance/movement allowance... Not 'you can only carry one grenade or one med pack cause you've only got one slot for it'

One thing that would be cool re levelling up would be if your soldiers' skills improved the most with regards to the actions they were taking/weapons being used. Use a shotgun exclusively and you become more skilled in using a shotgun; spend a lot of time running about, and you can move quicker or have more stamina.

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Zizin posted this 4 weeks ago

I like new system more. At least when your soldier levels up it means something.

kompan posted this 4 weeks ago

I had some ideas about level-up here and got a few pros and cons in the discussion.

Currently I'm playing Open X-Com, Long War and vanilla XCOM:EW so it's interesting to compare it all.

The original X-Com inventory system is far more versatile. According to soldier stats you can give him/her more grenades for throwing or additional ammo clips for auto-fire. You can pick up dropped weapons, exchange equipment between soldiers, or put your weapons into the backpack just in case so the panicked soldier won't kill half the squad. You can have pistol and rocket launcher or stun rod and motion sensor. I'm all for old equipment screen. 

However introducing new skills in modern XCOM allows for more enjoyable and rewarding tactical approach - suppressing, running and shooting, hunkering down, etc. And it is more fun to level up and pick skills than just watch soldier stats increase a bit. Some of the skills are unusual or unrealistic (like the mentioned two grenades in one slot) and the choice is quite restricting per soldier class and rank, but still I see it as improvement. 

I like the idea of getting proficient with weapons by using it often, similar to FPS games, and the option of skill tree that can be developed by sending the soldier with required stats for the training, like in RPG games. It will require some balancing adjustments to not break the gameplay but I hope it could be more flexible and realistic at the same time.

Anjovi posted this 4 weeks ago

I think i'd personally prefer the cannon fodder approach. 

The way I would facilitate certain troops meaning something while toning down the rpg element of it would be by having certain abilities tied to the equipment itself.

Say you wanted to have the 'run and gun' skill that's associated with the modern xcom shotgun class. Why not just make that a skill that is given to a troop when you give them the shotgun or relatively appropriate gun?  This way you could make tactical decisions mean more in the game, while not over emphasizing the roster. 

Lose the shotgunner? that changes the dynamic of the battle in question, but it's not going to ruin your A star line up like it would the modern xcom. Perhaps have retrieving the gear from that fallen troop a priority if you want to load another troop up with that shotgun in the future.

The levelling up of troops could then be facilitated by RNG and we could alleviate the micro managing on the strategic layer. 

Funny thing is that this might sound slightly familiar to chaos reborn players (the equipment/talisman system) Though in this case you could still have your random stats/traits/whatever allocations that could be distributed to soldiers to give them their personality.

A possibility from here is that you could just simply have a load out system before you send your troops out were you can build loadouts based on a equipment and have your squad members assigned automatically to the gear that best suits them. From here, you could then make any last decisions like swapping the sergeant out for the rookie or whatever to suit whatever purposes.

Spolokh posted this 4 weeks ago

I prefer the old approach. Abilities should derive from equipment, It would be also fine to separate soldie role from his class. Soldier role should be player generated in the game process  for mikromangement purposes. Xenonauts had describe this idea well enogh.


Additionally it would be nice to have another equipment phase just before the combat using carry vehicle equipment pool

CaptnBlaster529 posted this yesterday

I prefer the older version but there are things I like about level up perks as well. It's a way to promote individual squaddie advancement and promotion while allowing them to become more unique.

I think a combination of both would be good, similar to an RPG.



Example: Someone picks up a perk to control a drone (aka like xcom2). It sort of defeats the interest in the drone itself as a cool device worth researching, upgrading, modding and buying. I would love perks that allow things like extra movement, reset of movements, hacking or spotting, multiple actions and even some unique actions.


When it comes to toys, I want lots of toys to research and upgrade that have game impact

Think (drones, the Avenger itself, any sort of aircraft or vehicle, robots?) Thes should be fun and interesting to research, find, manufacture, upgrade, modify (I even like UFO Afterlights attempt at modifying the robotic units but would take that even further). I'd like to be able to functionalize them too (medic, recon, artillery, assault, hacking etc)