What Happened To The Other Editions?

  • Last Post 05 December 2017
TheZer0 posted this 05 December 2017

I finally worked up some extra cash to pre-order the $50 dollar edition and i was in the pre-order page i realized it looked quite small. And it hit me all those other editions are gone. The immortalized editions, the figurine edition, the visit edition. All gone. Did they remove or were they all bought? 

UnstableVoltage posted this 05 December 2017

We have retired all of the higher editions (everything above the Signed Collectors Edition) for a tidier store. At some point, we will give everyone a chance to upgrade to any of those higher packages that are remaining, before they are retired permanently. This is partly to allow us to fulfil all of the physical goods production, along with working with Immortalization backers to add their content to the game.


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