What happen to the update ?

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spark disiple posted this 31 January 2018

It's the end of the month where's the update plz

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UnstableVoltage posted this 31 January 2018

There is no update. With development tightly focused on the demo for PC Gamer Weekender, there hasn't really been any new developments that we can easily show as part of an update. While we do generally try to release an update at the end of each month, it isn't a certainty.


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spark disiple posted this 31 January 2018

Ah OK sorry

Comes Moesia posted this 3 weeks ago

Ok, it has been a while since Q&A 2, when will be the next update? I mean, anything will do, screenshots, concept art, some text, new stories, just give us anything. I have gone trough the content several times, I have nothing to go over anymore.