What benifites will i get from joining a faction? And does it have a downside?

  • Last Post 22 January 2018
The Banana Collective posted this 21 January 2018

So if i join one of the three what do i get from them? For example ummm....The Disciples of Anu? From what i heard you get to mutate your soldiers right? But what if the downside to that is giving you soldiers a new mutation might sometimes fail and something awful could happen.


RobJFalcon posted this 22 January 2018

That would be a fun and interesting negative effect.

For the most part what I understand is that becoming allies with one faction may close off the option of the others, or at least increase tension. I know New Jericho hates the Disciples of Anu, as they have completely opposite ideals, so there's that.

As far as benefits from the other two, Jericho probably has the best weapons, being an arms dealer, and Synderion has studied the mist and mutants in depth, so potentially insight into enemy weaknesses. Of course, this is all speculation as the game is still in alpha, but from the reading I imagine it's pretty close.