will tarical cards be in the game?

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spark disiple posted this 05 December 2017

Ive been doing some reading on phionix point and I came across and article that said the maps would have strategic point that would all the player to play battle cards that would affect the battle that e player created in the world map. Is this still in the game? It made me think of cards like an air strike on a targeted part of the map or calling reinforcements when you lose most of your team.  



i found the link https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/06/14/phoenix-point-new-xcom-julian-gollop/

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Grimlock posted this 05 December 2017

I suppose this is the paragraph that you mention:

The procedural levels will have their own in-built mini objectives in the form of strategic points scattered throughout. These might be elevated structures or vantages, control rooms, or alien installations. Taking control of them will allow you to play tactical cards, brought into combat from a deck built in the strategic layer, that provide buffs to individual soldiers or entire squads.“

I think that the writer was doing some kind of  comparison between the gameplay for Phoenix Point and a card game.
What I understand from that text is something like “if you use these advantages in the map correctly you will gain more tactical options or advantages for your soldiers”

I don’t think that actual “cards” is something that belong to a game like PP, but better if we have an official answer from snapshot.

MarkDickards posted this 09 December 2017

I'll just use "airstrike" as an example of how I think this should work. 

My hope is we don't randomly just find cards like "airstrike".  It would be far better if we mostly earned such rewards though faction development and making friends with the other factions.  As in, "I now have the capability to call in an airstrike because I've committed the appropriate planning resource allocation to make it happen."  The exception I can see working well within this example is if we found a really big bomb at a scavenge site, for instance, and then we'd have an option to drop it when we found the "strategic point" ... one time use, big boom! 

Dark_Ansem posted this 10 December 2017

It's time to duel!