Weapon Tech Development

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woah77 posted this 11 July 2017

Will there be a rigid boargame-y tier progression of tech/weaponry (e.g. kinetic->laser->plasma) which makes all older weapons obsolete, like in the Firaxis XCOM, or will new weapons have their niches and tradeoffs that will make it reasonable to actually use older technology (e.g. lower dmg, but unlimited ammo for laser weapons etc.)?

Is there going to be just one weapon per type, per tech tier like XCOM1/2 or will we be able to add some variety to our arsenal, even if just cosmetic like Enemy Within's EXALT ballistics?

Will New Jerico have a technology skill in game of dipping bullets in molten Alkali metals to cause extra damage to the aliens?

When you upgrade weapons tech will every soldier get a new advance weapon at the cost of a large one time purchase, or will we need to produce these one by one?

How complex will Weapon modification be? Will you be able to upgrade all tech slots or be limited to 1-2 upgrade per weapon as in XCOM 2?


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CaptainGeneral posted this 19 July 2017

One thing I liked about the UFO series (Aftermath, aftershock etc) was that you had to scavenge for supplies and equipment and there were many types of weapons depending on what you could get your hands on. I think it suited the post-apoc setting really well. The other xcoms didn't give you that choice much, with the newer ones giving you a standard model until you advanced tech-wise. I'd really prefer the scavenging mechanic- if I need medical packs and guns then by gum I need to go out and secure them. Maybe you have a large supply of old weapons to kit out your troops but to get the better stuff well there's some raiding missions to do. 


EDIT- Which apparently is how it's going to work. Goodo.