Weapon models

  • Last Post 22 September 2017
woah77 posted this 21 September 2017

So I've been looking at weapon designs and I've felt like some of them don't really make sense. Maybe a dev or someone on the design team can answer some questions?


This model has some unusual features for an assault rifle. For one thing, it's bulky as hell. Second, it has these odd tubes/wires that don't have any obvious purpose. Now I'm not asking to understand all the details of the weapon, but it doesn't even seem to have a magazine or an ejection port. Maybe it uses caseless ammo, but then where are the mechanism? Where is the charging handle?


And then there is this one. where is the stock supposed to fit into your shoulder? what are those fuses for? again, I don't see any mechanism for a magazine or anything else. The strange tubes are still there.


Now these aren't me saying that I hate them. They're very cool weapons. They are just missing some features that almost all firearms have and have some features that just don't seem to make any sense. I'd love to have someone help put my questions to rest.


BurntChickenDot posted this 22 September 2017

Yeah, the lack of a magazine is definitely strange. As for the tubes/wires, the rifle could be a hybrid that uses both magnetic acceleration and conventional methods to accelerate the round to higher velocities, allowing it to more easily penetrate thick alien chitin. 

As for the second rifle, the hybrid weapon theory still applies, although once again the magazine is not visible. I would have assumed that, with the size of the stock, it would be located there, but instead there is a strange roll underneath it that seems to be some sort of battery. The fuses on the grenade launcher are also strange, although perhaps they are not part of the launcher at all and instead tie into the rifle's hybrid action. 

Still, magazines are missing, which is very strange.