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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 17 February 2018


The Library

In keeping with the writing style and the overall horror theme, it would be interesting to have some form of narration in the ufopedia. Think of something inspired from one of the earlier Mass Effect games where you would load up an information screen and you can read it but the system had a narration by some librarian that went along with it. Sort of like taking live computer training on a subject.

The reason for including this is controlling the ambiance. Narrators tone or reflection can imply their bias on the impact or meaning of what you're reading while simultaneously producing a mood or feeling from the reader. If the outcome of research is something trivial in the library the narrator (be it a computer, or perhaps acting as a recorded message by one of your specialists) would narrate in such a way you could tell they felt the subject trivial. However, if the information is of more concern, urgent, scary or important, that can be reflected in the narrator's tone. You can even use different narrators based on the discipline or even conflicting narrators. Sort of a video or audio log from your trusted advisors on each subject. Each providing their own take on the same information.

Obviously, this is "cosmetic" but could really add some flavor to the game, and even perhaps provide a connection to your advisors (if you have any) as you get to know their personalities and biases.


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Comes Moesia posted this 18 February 2018

If it does not impact size of the game too much, sure. If it does, then no.

kompan posted this 2 weeks ago

I was wondering if, besides of just Ufopaedia articles that are read usually only once, we could have something like "Phoenix Point Archives". I imagine it would track the player progress, in-game events, research data, faction activity, mission results, written stories, all merged into the comprehensive lore of Phoenixverse. 

For example:

  •  - Day 22: Discovered Haven X (refuelling post, supplies)
  •  - Day 24: Encountered new mutant type: Crabman Grenadier
  •  ...
  •  - Day 39: Alien mist observed near Outpost C
  •  - Day 41: Missing civilians reported in Outpost C
  •  - Day 44: Outpost C has been overrun by mutants; Lost 1 out of 3 outposts in the region
  •  ...
  •  - Day 59: Phoenix Point successfully defended Haven X; Sgt John Doe has fallen in the battle of Haven X (12 kills)
  •  - Day 63: Research finished: Crabman Shieldbearer
  •  - Day 71: Alliance with New Jericho; Cpl Jack Jackson joins Phoenix Point
  •  - Day 78: New record (one-hit kill, 93 m): Cpt Jane Doe; Cpt Jane Doe has been promoted to Major

The log entries could link to: geoscape locations, bestiary pages, short stories, mission summaries (or even screenshots), haven descriptions, soldier character stats, in-game achievements and so on. You could list the events by the faction, enemy actions, research progress, squad changes. The idea is to write the history of a gameplay and allow the player to easily browse through some of the memorable moments, be it successes or failures.