The Impossible Ending

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Chapter of One posted this 26 July 2017

I personally love the replayability concept of being able to side with each individual faction, with that said, the concept of upping the diplomacy/storyline choices to enable alliances with multiple/all factions has a great deal of appeal as well. From a pure survival standpoint, even it meant supplanting current leadership with individuals more willing to work with the Phoenix Project through any number of means to band the best hope(s) of humanity together through some herculean gameply efforts seems like it should/could be an option. Nothing too crazy, like a cybernetically enhanced Disciple of Anu with several remote drones at his bidding, but the option to make a mixed squad with the various ally tech enhancements would be nice. Possibly even as a future patch say after you've cleared the game with all the major factions ala New Game+. Dunno, just dreaming on my part... 

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Neowave posted this 26 July 2017

You will also be able to form alliances and trade with independent Havens, the leaders of which will all have their own stance towards the Factions and the Phoenix Project meaning one could imagine a situation were a Player de facto creates their own Faction. Of course, we do not know the lay of the land yet in regards to Haven composition and at this stage in development things could change. However, when it comes to replayability I certainly think Phoenix Point is going to have it in buckets!

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