Tactical Mission Briefings and Debriefings

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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 28 January 2018

Some of this may already be in the planning stage but these are some ideas I think would be nice improvements to the game.

Ideas on Tactical Missions.

I would love some cinematic pre-mission briefing and debriefings. It would have to be abstract so it does not make anything seem linear but could include any of your assistants that occupy your base.

Allow tactical mission preparation planning options:

  • Choose between daytime and nighttime missions.
  • Pre mission scan/recon maps for potential Multiple entry points? 
  • Integration of intelligence tactical operations, info gained from faction members, and or any kind of strategy layer launched missions (think "sort of" like XCOM covert operations)
  • Technology, facility and aircraft/vechicle upgrades would give additional details
  • Early game is based on low resources, low intelligence. (time of day, terrain details, 1 or 2 drop points)
  • Faction intelligence and or recon tactical missions add potential of enemy type and numbers estimate
  • Technology upgrades to CIC, Aircraft, Radar etc increase the detail of intelligence to include things such as better estimate of enemies, additional drop points, otherwise unkown points of interest on the map, location to stash of resources and triggering of additional objectives or even additional "related" tactical missions.


Mission Objectives

If tactical missions are designed where you can leave at any point would it be a good idea to have a mission debriefing that breaks down the success and failure but with an overall standing?



Objective A  - Success

Objective B  - Success

Objective C  - Failure

Also, I think multiple optional objectives on missions could be used in the faction system as well.

  • Objective A could be Primary Phoneix Point Objective
  • Objective B could be a secondary objective that will be of interest to a particular faction
  • Objective C could unlock a branching mission, open a point of interest on the map, gain a new soldier and so on. (the options are endless)


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Spolokh posted this 30 January 2018

Intelligence is a good feature. It is good to know what is terrain, is it good for close combat or for sharpshooters. Is there any explosive objects or hack points? What is day time. How many civilians and what is enemy types. Sometimes information can be wrong, but it is VERY IMPORTANT to expose it in post-mission briefing to let the player feeling that it was result of in-game event and not because of game engine. May be sometime player would have to send his intelligent officer on ice, or this officer may be killed by enemy infiltrants.

spark disiple posted this 29 January 2018

Interesting idea though Julian stated that objectives won't be as clean cut as you have stated its all in the players perspective , a haven defence mission could turn into you turn chance to steal texh