I do a lot of things on my computer, like drawing, modeling, coding, searching web for things, and i love turn by turn games, but generally its impossible to play at same time than i code or do things, would be super cool if the game could keep emitting images and sound, while we do something else, like a movie that you look at while working for example

So please make sure that we can play WHILE doing something else, with windowed mode.

(i click on the game, i do an action directly, without a phase of unpausing, i click somewhere else, i write a line of code, and the sound and game state dont pause when i m not on the window)

also care about an improved display switching, that dont bug on windows 10. Those little things looks stupid but they could so much kill a good game experience in plenty of ways there is plenty of games that made me mad about windowed mode, most of turn by turn games.